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On 3/31/2015 3:37 PM, Sushant Bendre via Jfw wrote:
can you share the link of above software please?
i also want to opperate tuter on lapy

On 3/31/15, david via Jfw <jfw@...> wrote:
try the following;

1, desktop,
highlight the qube icon, do not enter.

2, bring up the properties,
eather by using the alt+enter,
or, going through the context menu,
you will land on the properties shortcut page,

3, now tab to advance and press enter,

you will want to check the box,
Advanced Properties
Choose the advanced properties you want for this shortcut.
Run as administrator
This option allows you to run this shortcut as an
administrator, while protecting your computer from
unauthorized activity.

now tab okay press enter,
now close the properties
now try the qube icon.

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Thank you all for your info. David, I installed the newest version of
the Qube as well. I have Windows 8.1. When I pressed enter, it did
nothing. When I tried the administrator thing, it did nothing. Why
do you think I am having this problem. I would like to use the Qube,
because I used it before on Windows XP. I upgrated right up to 8.1,
but this new version does nothing when I try to use it. Please tell
me what I may be doing wrong. Keep the info coming guys. I really
appreciate hearing as many opinions as possible lol!

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