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Thanks Kelly and then Windows 10 might be released.
I am confused on SSD. Is a SSD an external drive? Or do I buy it as part
of the tower?
I will wait.

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This Lenovo machine is good but not great. If I wanted a high
performance machine I would also have a solid state hard drive to run
my programs in addition to a regular hard drive. In addition, I would
consider waiting to this summer or fall. Later this year, Intel will
introduce its fifth generation microprocessor called Broadwell. By
waiting a few months, you will have a faster machine with the latest
technology rather than a machine based on chip architecture from 2013.


On 3/30/15, Ann Marie Medlar via Jfw <jfw@...> wrote:
Hi all,
I have been researching desktops

Any suggestions appreciated. I want a fast machine. I do research online,

write grants, spreadsheets, office. Don't know if I need to spend $$ on I7

processor and 8GB of memory.
If any of you recently purchased a desktop or laptop please share specs and

Do you have success with Jaws and Windows 8.x?

Do any of you know about:

Lenovo H50-50 90b7000jus Desktop
model number


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