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I have not found any solution for the unlabeled buttons but there is often a slider that can be used to move forward and back through a video. I get to this slider by using the jawsKey+F5 to bring up the list of controls to move me to the slider and then turn off virtual cursor with jawsKey+Z and then my left and right arrow keys will move me forward and backward through the video.
Tom Bisset

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First, I'm using JAWS as a screen reader.

Some of the websites I'm needing to frequent these days has videos that play using flash player. There's usually a "play" button, but the others aren't really labeled except for numbers. I've kind of gotten used to that from other web pages.

However, how can I get a better handle regarding watching these videos more effectively. For instance, how can I rewind or fast forward through a video. Right now, I have no idea how to do this, and I've needed to go back and review something or move forward through something I've already seen. I don't really like having to watch something again just to get to a place where I left off.

And, while I'm on this subject, how would I do similar things via YouTube?
It would be helpful to do that.


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