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I myself use the Qube.

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well i use TWBlue cause CN loads a lots slower on my winXP system and is more of a resource hog but as long as you auth TWBlue on your account everything should be retained:)
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Hi all,
I asked a week or so ago about a good client for Twitter that works
like the qube. Chicken Nugget is good, but I am only getting it free
for a month. After that, I will have to pay for it which I don't want
to do. But I was on the list yesterday, and someone minsioned TW
Blue. I checked it out and it is FREE!! Could you please tell me
what other clients you are all using to use Twitter? Also, If I
uninstall Chicken Nugget and install TW Blue instead, will TW Blue
have all of my current info like people I am following and will
everything be retained that I have already done with Chicken Nugget?
I would rather use a client that is free. Please tell me about
others, and let me know if TW Blue is the best client that uses key

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