Re: How to check windows version and hardware

Curtis Delzer

windows pause, and use jfw cursor. you'll find out.

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Subject: How to check windows version and hardware

Hi all this is a very stupid question but I'm in a weir situation at
the moment. With jaws, how and where can you check what version of
windows a computer is running, weather it's 32 or 64 bit and what
hardware like processor and ram it has? I know what's in and on my pc
but I'm fixing someone elses pc and they can't tell me what's on it,
it's one of those people who just knows how to switch it on and type.
From back when I still had better eye sight, I remember there's some
place you can read it, think you just right clicked on computer then
properties but if I do that now it only takes me to a system rating,
Oh and I at least know it must have vista or 7 on it, but need to find
the exact version and sighted help is out of the question for now.

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