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Wow! Not that I did not know this but so many ways to do things! The person
who originally wrote the question will have many helpful tips!
What a fantabo list this is.

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Hi Nickus,

Another way to get to system properties is press the Windows key+ the pause
key, then route your Jaws cursor to the PC cursor, press the page up key, &
arrow down 1 line at a time to read the information. Hope this helps. Take

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Your welcome, glad it worked out for you.
the other ways are, go to the control panel then system,
this will give you OS, CPU & amount of ram.
or you can get software such as Lavalys EVEREST
this will tell you just about everything including serial numbers of
hard drives & so on,
great to keep in case you have a crash & need to put in a warranty claim.

How did you go fixing your friends system?
If I can help with that let me know.

At 07:15 PM 9/8/2011, you wrote:
>Awesome thanks a lot works like a bomb. Just for interest sake and so
>that I know in the future, what other ways are there to do this?
>On 9/8/11, 2.g.i <> wrote:
> > Hi, you can do the following.
> > press windows r to open the run box
> > type in cmd & press enter
> > this will open the command prompt.
> > once its open type in
> > systeminfo & press enter
> > this will give you what you are looking for along with a lot of other
> > details, how ever a lot of the output will be pushed up the screen &
> > the jaws cant read it, do the following
> > press alt space
> > this will open a menu bar, up arrow till you hear edit sub menu
> > right arrow once, & then down arrow till you hear select all, then
> > enter
> > this will highlight all of the output, press enter & this will add it
> > to the clipboard.
> > press windows r again to open the run box
> > now type in notepad
> > press enter & this will open a blank notepad document.
> > now press control v to paist all the output.
> > now you can go back to the top & read it.
> > you may need to maximise the notepad window.
> >
> > There are other ways to get the info you are looking for, but without
> > knowing what OS you are on & what style config the control panel view
> > is in, I think its better to say to go this way.
> >
> > If you need any help understanding any of the output I am happy to
> >
> > Good luck
> > HTH
> > At 06:13 PM 9/8/2011, you wrote:
> >>Hi all this is a very stupid question but I'm in a weir situation at
> >>the moment. With jaws, how and where can you check what version of
> >>windows a computer is running, weather it's 32 or 64 bit and what
> >>hardware like processor and ram it has? I know what's in and on my pc
> >>but I'm fixing someone elses pc and they can't tell me what's on it,
> >>it's one of those people who just knows how to switch it on and type.
> >> From back when I still had better eye sight, I remember there's some
> >>place you can read it, think you just right clicked on computer then
> >>properties but if I do that now it only takes me to a system rating,
> >>Oh and I at least know it must have vista or 7 on it, but need to find
> >>the exact version and sighted help is out of the question for now.
> >>Thanks
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