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take care of what exactly? surely if the sale of goods act does not apply,
then do we rely on fs to meet the standards we expect? if so many of the
problems I see on this list and it is a busy list will only be solved by the
client either putting pressure on fs with their wallet or living in hopes
the next version will solve all our problems wellunless you can say
differently I assume the laws relating to software is much the same
worldwide,although prices will differ I think from country to country as I
have read on this list. However I am sure you meant well kind regards

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dorthy, if we purchase from freedom scientific they would take care of
this. this is not our problem. karen

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Dear list I just want to be sure that Jaws and in fact all screen readers
are sold under licence I ask since an interesting topic arose on a list I
not a member of,a friend just selects any item he thinks is interesting
was pertaining to jaws however. One of the posts said he was not sure
USA, and mentioned the SGA act,that in Uk means the sale of goods act of
1979, It states an item sold must be "fit for purpose" in English law it
6 years in Scotland it is 5, the listersaid "i do not know about USA.
that act is of course very important but although many Posts were posted,
one mentioned that software is in fact sold underLicence I expect the
law is much the same but of courseI maybe wrong I know computers
i.e.hardware is but since Jaws was the subject can you confirm what I
imagine is the case regards dorothy

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