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Richard B. McDonald

Hi Allison!

One thing I am aware of is that Microsoft Access 2003 was pretty accessible,
and older versions of JAWS (at least) had scripts for that version.
Apparently, JAWS has not kept up with subsequent versions of Access. What a
shame : ( This would be a very beneficial scripting project.


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Hi All,
Is there anyone on this list who successfully uses JAWS and Microsoft Access
database software in their jobs? I just landed a job with an employer that
will use Microsoft Access a lot. I told them it would be accessible with
JAWS because I have never had a problem with any other Microsoft products I
have used so I just assumed JAWS was designed to work with all Microsoft
products. I have since heard that Microsoft Access isn't fully accessible
with JAWS.What elements of Microsoft Access have you found to be accessible
and which elements were not? Were there any things that weren't accessible
at first, but were made more accessible by making some kind of modification?
Really nervous about this job so I would really appreciate insight if anyone
has experience with this software. Thanks.
Allison Nastoff

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