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Ian D. Nichols

Hi Listers,

Re. Abby Fine Reader: I had this program installed on my laptop, although I
never used it. I think it came originally a few years ago from Freedom
Scientific. When I tried to install MS Office 365 on the laptop, it
installed apparently OK, but none of the programs would run. I talked with
an accessibility tech at Microsoft, and, although she seemed rather clueless
and unhelpful at times, she told me that there was a known incompatibility
between Abby and Office 365. After I uninstalled Abby and reinstalled
Office 365, all its components ran well.

I hope that this will help some one.

All the best,


Ian D. Nichols,
Toronto, Canada

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I use Abby Finereader. I scan the documents into word documents. It works
pretty good for me.
On 3/6/2015 11:49 AM, Dan Kerstetter via Jfw wrote:
I've just purchased a scanner and am looking for a good OCR program
that works well with JAWS? It's been a while since I've had a scanner
and I'm curious as to what people are using these days.



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