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Hi guys.
very helpful thank you.
still confused about knowing when text is too big for the column, I use jaws and have no sight.
Also how would i just make the whole spreadsheet wider so everything fits, or would that look odd?

Many thanks :)

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On 6 Mar 2015, at 4:22 pm, Greg Nickel <> wrote:

Alt + H + O + I automatically adjusts the collum width and alt + H + O + W
lets you adjust manually.

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May I add my own question to this thread please?
With jaws how do you tell if data/text hasn't fully fitted in a box? and I
used to know this with previous versions, how do you make the boxes bigger
in order to fit the data/text in?

Many thanks

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On 6 Mar 2015, at 1:00 am, Nicole Massey via Jfw <>

Go to the row below where you want to insert the line. Press Control+ the
plus key. Arrow down to Insert entire row and press enter. There are other
ways to do this, but this is the one I find to be the fastest and easiest,
and it works in every version of Excel I've encountered going back as far
versions for Windows 3x.

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Hello all,

I know this question has been addressed before, but didn't need to know
at that time.

I am needing to add a row in an excel document that has already been
created. I am using jaws version 16 and office 2010. Your assistance on
keystroke for inserting a line in this document would be appreciated.

Barbara H.

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