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Connecting via tandem center.

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Are you connecting via Tandem Center or Tandem Direct?

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Hi all. Has anyone else noticed that the tandem controller can occasionally
lose the ability to control the target system?

I'm on the controller end of the tandem session, and when I initially
connect with my client's target system, I'm able to control it just fine.
Windows key opens the start menu, ALT+F opens the application file menu,
etc. But after our session has gone on for a while (more than 20 or 30
minutes), eventually it's as if tandem is not sending my keystrokes to the
target computer any longer. They are completely ignored.

I'm partially sighted, so have video enabled. When the keystrokes stop
working, I have found I can still control the target computer by using the
mouse. So, mouse movements and clicks still go to the target, but keystrokes

I've tried pausing and resuming the tandem session, but that doesn't help.
Stopping and restarting a new tandem session does work around the issue, but
this is not very practical.

I'm on the latest JAWS version, and the problem seems to occur regardless of
the target computer JAWS version.

Anyone else experiencing this?
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