Re: JAWS 16 issue with Word/Outlook 2013

Marianne Denning

I was working with a student who had a similar problem. It turned out
he was using a Dell computer and there is some compatibility issue.
When he installed JAWS 16 he received a message that the mirror image
drivers did not install correctly. He contacted FS and they helped
him get everything fixed.

On 3/3/15, Michael Mote via Jfw <jfw@...> wrote:
Hi folks! I'm getting more and more frustrated with JAWS 16, and the
inability to do simple tasks with it. Today, I was working on a report in
Microsoft Word, and had to continuously correct spelling errors, because
some reason JAWS likes to add characters, or in some cases, put the letters
in the wrong order when I type. This has just started with JAWS 16. I
noticed it since day 1, and it has not been resolved yet. I hope someone
from FS monitors this list. This has to be fixed. The same thing happens
when sending emails. Thank goodness I proofread everything before I send

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