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Write me back privately about Greek and Hebrew resources please.
I cannot find your email address in the JFW email.

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The software that Sharon recommended will get you started. From the
perspective of a seminary student you will not find everything that Logos
would have given you but it will definitely get you started and if you don't
know how to read enough braille to do the Greek and Hebrew texts that they
send along with their CD I suggest that you begin learning. It is a very
necessary skill if youwant to do serious bible Study using jaws. It was a
big blow to my ego and foolish pride to admit that I could no longer use all
of my resources and order the CD that they provide but I decided if I wanted
to use my Seminary education and begin teaching again I needed to take the
step and admit that I needed the necessary tools. I am now taking my Braille
all over again with Pinellas county Lighthouse for the blind and Hadley
school for the blind and I am using the Cd which was provided for use from
Optasia Ministries and jaws.

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