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Libronics was not much better when it came along. Can't tell you how many
libronics resources I bought but cannot use very well.
Plus it's a pain to unlock and install. Again, go get the resources at or

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The short answer is No! Logos three was the last really accessible version.
I have Logos 4 Platinum with something like 2100 or 2200 books in my library
and can no longer use it now that I have recently lost the pretty much the
remainder of my vision. I still use magic a little but Logos doesn't work
with the latest version of either Magic or Jaws. I graduated from both
Bible college and Seminary and am still hoping to one day be able to use
current versions of both Logos and jaws to once again take advantage of most
if not all of my resources. I realize I may never again be able to use my
Greek, Hebrew, and Cuneiform language studies to the fullest again since I
can no longer sight translate the BHS, or any of my Greek or akkadian texts
but I still have a great many English texts that I would like to use and
begin teaching again.


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