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yes and if like me you are a pessimist,and think,Oh heavens that may happen to me you finish up saving far too many,some of us can throw things away others not, it is why I have folders with different names and from the days when I could read print, boxes of letters,I cannot throw away many books either, in fact I am one of natures hoarders dorothy.

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I keep having these moments of wanting to save this or that digest, because it contains a mention of this or that JAWS-accessible program for whatever purpose I might need someday. If I saved every digest that mentioned something like that, I'd have a library, and no real way to organize it.

Some enterprising person should think about creating a website, where JAWS users can list programs they find accessible. The user can state what version of Windows, JAWs, and the program in question is in use, and whether the JAWS cursor is absolutely necessary to access the program. Some sort of rating system... A comment/thread for each program... Basically, a database of accessible programs with JAWS.

Where is everyone getting their scripts anyway? I know some of you write them, but some of you pass them around. Why not a script library/database too?

There is just so much good info on this mailing list, but so many veteran users get disgusted over having to reteach the same things over and over; there will always be more new fish in the JAWS pond. Many users get confused as to whether the problem they are experiencing is a JAWS problem or their lack of general computer knowledge (Been there). There needs to be a JAWS users' research website that users can update.

With respect,

Lori Richardson
President of Ferrets at Heart
Ferret Rescue of Huron, Ohio
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