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Tim Ford

Hi Stewart,

When JAWS goes silent, have you tried just waiting for 20-30 seconds? I suspect JAWS is doing the new feature of automatically doing a reboot of JAWS when a process delay is encountered. You may just be experiencing that, and thought JAWS was starting because of what you had entered on the keyboard. If the above does pan out and it is JAWS that is needing to reboot, you can probably isolate to some degree under what circumstances the J JAWS reboot occurs. For me, it is almost always with Firefox when I am starting a streaming video. I just have learned to wait, and JAWS is pretty good about the auto reboot. It boots quick enough to not bother me at all.

Tim Ford

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Hi folks:

I'm having a problem with Jaws 16. I'm running Windows 7 64 bit. While
I'm on the computer doing certain things like listening to a movie on
Netflix or checking mail, Jaws goes silent. The only way I can get it
to talk again is to go to the desktop and re initialize Jaws from
there. This has been happening for a while now and I'm wondering if
anybody else is having this issue. Does anybody have a solution to this


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