Re: Alt key stops working

Ann Byrne

Yep. I've seen this. I usually unload/reload JAWS to solve the problem.

At 02:44 PM 2/27/2015, you wrote:
Hi everyone,

Has anyone ever run into the issue where the alt key stops working?
This is happening on a Lenovo laptop running Windows 7 and Jaws 16.
What will happen is all of a sudden the alt key just does nothing. In
a Word document, pressing the alt key will not bring up the menubar.
The same thing happens in every program, including the Jaws Window.
Alt tab will still work, but no luck bringing up the menubar in any
program. The only way to fix the problem is to re-boot the laptop.
This is happening on a regular basis. It will work after a re-boot,
but will stop again at random times.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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