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Hello Annabelle,
Could you either click on the links, or have a sighted friend identify them, and then use graphic labeler?
Cheers Kevin.

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Hi, it's Annabelle.
I wonder if any of you fellow JAWS members have run into the scenario I'm
currently in as of this moment. As of now, I can't fully access I can search for a flight, but I can't show the
flight details. I tried talking to someone at Hotwire's reservation desk,
but they said that there are no issues with their website, and that I simply
need to restart my machine. This woman, Rose, had no idea that I was blind,
and even when I told her, she still didn't understand what I mean. For
example, when I receive emails from the Hotwire Tripwatcher, the details of
the trips I'm watching used to be plain text within the body of the Email.
Now, they've put links in the email, which are apparently pictures. Does
anybody have any suggestions or ideas?
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