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I have been using Avast Free since late 2009, I've never had any issues as far as screen readers being detected as threats.

On 2/27/2015 8:56 AM, Lisle, Ted (CHFS DMS) via Jfw wrote:
Amen. I'm in the market right now, so I'll put that on my "given-up--for-Lent" list.


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Remind me not to mess around with Avast. Smile.

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On 2/26/2015 7:42 PM, Brad Martin via Jfw wrote:
I had this happen with Avast on three different computers, but only
one time on each machine. I booted up, and Avast promptly deleted the
jfw.exe file. It happened on all three computers around the same time,
so I assumed an update to Avast definitions prevented the problem from
recurring. When JAWS quit working, I went into Safe Mode, did a
system restore, and JAWS came back. I never had that problem again on
the same machine.


On 2/26/2015 6:40 PM, Peter Donahue via Jfw wrote:
Maria Campbell via Jfw wrote:
Well I sent a message to the other list, which has absolutely gone
mum on the subject I put out there.
As many of us are on both list, I'm just wondering if anyone has any
thoughts on the possibility that versions of JAWS can be adversely
affected by virus protection that might think of aspects of JAWS as
being malware.
I believe this has happened to me in the past, thus messing up some
of my JAWS versions and possibly passing on any corruption caused by
virus protection deleting any files considered suspect.
Yes, no, maybe so?
Good evening Maria and everyone,
All worked well for a week until we came home one evening. Avast said
it detected a threat. Later we discovered that it removed JAWS.
Freedom Scientific told me that this is a know issue with Avast. It
can only be remedied with assistance from Avast. It sounds like we
need to urge developers of antivirus and other computer protection
pacakges to redesign their products so they will not detect assistive
software as threats. Avast works well with JFW under Windows XP.

Peter Donahue

We recently had this happen on my wife's computer running Windows
7 and Avast.

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