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Shan Noyes

yes the standard mode isn't that bad to use once you are familiar with the screen layout. but have you done any chat or video calls through the standard google or i should say gmail interface? if so can you tell me any tricks you have found to make it easier to use e.g. steps you go through for a. a chat session and b. step you go through to make a video call.


have a good day

shan and guide dog danson

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I find Standard Mode completely accessible. It's my default view for Gmail.

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Well, if google require that you must Gmail in standard moad to be
able to use hangouts, they can forget it. Another reason why they will
never grow up. Its just one of the many ways that they show that they
not really dead serious about improving access for blind people. Even
TalkBack now stil stay behind. I don't even have much nice experience
with the google talk on I o s, so why will this desktop version be
better? They can fly.

On 23/02/2015, Shan Noyes via Jfw <> wrote:
hi all!

so has anyone been using google hangouts with jaws? google hangouts is
ability to perform chat sessions or video calls with other gmail users.
be able to do a google hangout you have to use gmail in standard mode,
able to read and write my emails in the standard mode with jaws. but am
having lots of problemns with the google hangouts. there is a pretty good
tutorial on using gmail with speech at try it out.

anyways, looking forward to anyone that is successfully working with

have a good day.

Shan and guide dog danson

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