Re: windows 10 petition

Kane Brolin

To James And Others:

Two currently active petitions relate to Microsoft Windows, that I
know of. One is asking Microsoft to make the Windows installation
process accessible to the blind--something long overdue, in my

The second petition that's made some waves is one that asks Microsoft
to make a fully functional screen reader native to Windows 10.
That one is on, and it is rather controversial, because it
opens up the issue of whether we as disabled users should come to
depend on the biggest players in hardware and software
development--e.g., Apple and Microsoft--to manage the avenues for our
accessibility. I encourage everyone who cares about this to read Tim
Connell's article entitled "What Is The Cost Of A Free Product?" in
the November, 2014 edition of "The Braille Monitor."
Mr. Connell is Australian and is not partial toward the Federation in
regard to political action in the USA. But he does seem to be a very
good strategic thinker when it comes to technology, and he makes some
extremely thoughtful arguments in favor of the model that has
permitted boutique companies such as Freedom Scientific and GW Micro
to succeed up to now in the world of high tech accessibility.


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