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Well, if your talking about DVD'S, I would assume, your talking about
windows 7?

However to answer your question, yes, windows media player is more than
capable of doing what you want.

here's some steps I used for one of my clients;
this uses windows media player to burn CD'S.

BurningCD Using WindowsMediaPlayer;
This is assuming your using WLM12;

1, place blank CD in CD-Drive.
When the audio wizard comes up, press alt+f4 to close.

2, navigate to desktop, windows+m=desktop,
now, you'll need to go to your music folder,
it may be on an external, or, perhaps in your documents,

Now, M=music press enter.

3, select a album to burn;
Note, you need to enter once on the folder name,
Then enter again, to have the files show.
Now you should see a number of files, maybe 13, 10, 15.

4, ctrl+a=SelectAll

5, press applications key, down arrow or up arrow and enter on send to
Now, up arrow and enter on your CDDrive.

6, you will now see this screen;

Burn a Disc
How do you want to use this disc?
Disc title: Nov 23 2010
Like a USB flash drive
Save, edit, and delete files on the disc anytime. The disc will work on
computers running Windows XP or later. (Live File System)
With a CD/DVD player
Burn files in groups and individual files can't be edited or removed
burning. The disc will also work on most computers. (Mastered)
Which one should I choose?
Next Cancel

So, you would tab and enter on,
Next button,

7, give a little time you should hear;
Files Ready to Be Written to the Disc
Press applications key,
Up or down arrow and enter on burn.
Note, your still in your CDDrive with the files showing.

8, now you will see this screen;
Burn to Disc
Burn to Disc
Prepare this disc
Disc title:
Nov 23 2010
Recording speed:

New files being burned to the disc will replace any files already on the
disc if they have the
same name.
Close the wizard after the files have been burned
Next Cancel
Here you would press spacebar or the enter key on next.

9, now will see the following screen;

Burn to Disc
Burn to Disc
Burn an audio CD
Music files can be burned to disc as data for playback on the computer,
in a format that will play
on a home or car stereo.
Which format do you want to use?
Make an audio CD (for standard audio CD players)
Make a data CD (for computers and some CD players)
Next Cancel

The make a audio cd is checked, so go to next, and press enter.

10, you will now hear;

Windows media player, jaws will repeat this, media player, media player.

11, go to desktop,
Tab twice,

One time is the start button,
The next press of the tab, you will probably hear,
Computer, or, something just right arrow until you hear,
Windows media player, press enter.

This is now the last step,

With windows media player opened,

Use the tab key, until you hear;
Start burn button,

So press the spacebar,

And, you can also try;
Once you enter on windows media player,
You could just press alt+s=burn,

I hope this helps.
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not sure but can't you do that with windows media player 11 or higher?
don't know much about DVDs.Huh?

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hi, does anyone know of a program that works well with jaws for burning
Preferably free?


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