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Rex Leslie Howard, Jr.

Hi Tonia, I will be glad to help. I am a website developer on the
Wordpress platform. I am in the process of building a personal website
right now. You can take a look at it by going to

I am changing it all the time though but you will be able to get the
general idea.

Contact me directly by writing to rex.howard@...

This is going to be an ongoing conversation and it is not really Jaws
related. There are a lot of things that need to be determined. Write
me off list and I'll get you going as best I can.

On 2/19/15, Gatton, Tonia (OFB-LV) via Jfw <jfw@...> wrote:
Hi! I'm not sure of the correct terminology but I have a client looking for
a fairly inexpensive web hosting service that provides a template of sorts
and does all of the HTML and CSS coding; so that all he'll pretty much have
to do is fill in the blanks of a form or template, and they'll take care of
the rest. He just wants to create a small simple web site and may employ my
assistance in maintaining it; since he isn't much of a techie. He is using
Jaws 16 on a Windows 7 machine. I would appreciate any guidance and or

Thanks so much and have a blessed day,


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