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I've had great results with Dreamhost. I've yet to run into any
accessibility issues with their setup, they have a wide array of one click
installs that will allow you to do some great stuff, and they auto-upgrade
these to keep you current. If you can't find an answer in their knowledge
base/Wiki (which is rare) they'll answer emails and they have an accessible
chat client, and if they still can't fix the problem they'll call you. I'm
on an unlimited space and account plan for about $10/month, which comes with
unlimited email accounts, bandwidth, and space. I've been completely happy
with them, and downtime is minimal too. If you decide to send your client
their way I'd appreciate you letting them know I sent you, as they'll also
give me a break on my rate for referring others.

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Hi! I'm not sure of the correct terminology but I have a client
looking for a fairly inexpensive web hosting service that provides a
template of sorts and does all of the HTML and CSS coding; so that all
he'll pretty much have to do is fill in the blanks of a form or
template, and they'll take care of the rest. He just wants to create a
small simple web site and may employ my assistance in maintaining it;
since he isn't much of a techie. He is using Jaws 16 on a Windows 7
machine. I would appreciate any guidance and or suggestions.

Thanks so much and have a blessed day,


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