Will I need soundforge?

Kristoffer Gustafsson

I would like to learn to mix a lot and do suck works.
The things I want to learn is to do a Little stories with sound inside them.
So I want to know if I need soundforge or if I can manage with gold wave.
I've read about using jaws with sound forge. Ok, I've not been able to
reach the documentation of the scripts. I haven't installed them.
But goldwave is easiest to use and learn.
I've listened to some audio demos.
I've read about sound forge and audacity, but they seem very hard to
use even with jaws scrits.
So what do you Think, can I use the easy and most jaws friendly thing. Goldwave?

Kristoffer Gustafsson
Salängsgatan 7a
tel:033-12 60 93
mobil: 0730-500934

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