Re: Outlook 2010 and spell check

Michael Mote

Jim, the freezing issues are not fixed. In fact, I think it's worse in JAWS
16 than it has been since JAWS 14.

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Heya folks,

For ages now using Jaws 15 and now latest Jaws 16 on a windows 7 64bit PC
and Outlook 2010 75% of the time when I use spell check in Outlook 2010 Jaws
loses speech when I just tab past the first couple of options e.g language,
ignore etc. Speech seems to freeze on the Outlook program itself till I do a
windows M key and return to the desktop. Does anybody else have this issue?
Is it fixed in Jaws 16 as didnt seem to be fixed in any of the 15 updates.

Any help would be appreciated.



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