Re: How is Windows 10 so far?

Hozefa Tambawala

I think you have faced this problem due to mirror display driver not
installed. Try installing the same from JAWS 15 setup and try again. I
came across this situation in Win 8.1.

On 2/12/15, Feliciano Godoy via Jfw <> wrote:
The mirror display does not install on the latest Windows 10 tech preview
build. I have tried reinstalling and repairing jaws 16 64bit and no luck. I
am also unable to navigate the start menu on this build like the previous
builds. The start menu interface uhas changed. However, NVDA does work. I
was actually lucky that some of the things work since our version of jaws
does not support windows 10.

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On Feb 11, 2015, at 7:46 PM, Matthew Bullis via Jfw
<> wrote:

So has anyone installed Windows 10 to test it out? I have the ability to
do so on one machine. Will I be able to upgrade the current Windows 10 to
the full release when it's ready, or will I have to install fresh?
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