Re: iTunes query i hope someone can answer

James Malone

Do you need to uninstall the current version before installing this 32 bit

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Joseph, check out the information below. I pasted this from an email I
received on Friday. Maybe it will help you. Good luck!

After upgrading to Apple iTunes v. 12.1, it is no longer possible to
navigate the iTunes interface with JAWS. This affects 64-bit Windows with a
64-bit install of iTunes. This is an Apple iTunes change, and will be fixed
in a future iTunes update.
In the meantime, those affected can install a different bit-flavor of

1.. Go to the Apple support page:

2.. Download the iTunes64setup.exe installer. This download provides a
32-bit version of iTunes that installs on 64-bit Windows.

3.. Run the install.
NOTE: you can identify the correct version by the name of the installer,
which is iTunes64setup.exe. The regular 64-bit installer which introduced
the problem is named iTunes6464Setup.exe.

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greetings all jaws/iTunes users. I have just a few weeks ago upgraded from
last accessible version of iTunmes to 12.1 because of auto update prompts.
Do you know if there is a way to downgrade to last jaws friendly iTunes? if
so how if not what do you recommend?
its on a win7 64 bnit laptop
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