Re: accessible podcast alternative to iTunes?

Kane Brolin

On 2/9/15, Bob Boyd via Jfw <jfw@...> wrote:
Is there a good accessible podcast program that does work with JAWS?
QCast is very accessible. I have played with it a bit; though since I
typically have been managing my podcast subscriptions via the iPhone
for the past few months, I don't use this on a regular basis. I did find it difficult, though, in
QCast to isolate particular episodes that had downloaded and copy the
individual files to an external drive. It was very good for listening
to podcasts directly through my PC.

I have found in the past that gPodder works quite well as a podcast
aggregator, and I found it easy to find and download episodes
represented by individual sound files. But accessibility was not the
best, and I often had to play around with the JAWS Cursor quite a bit
to get at elements on the screen that had to be manipulated for me to
change what I wanted to change. Lots of unlabeled graphics.

My favorite podcast aggregator of all time was the Juice
Cross-Platform Podcast Receiver, found at You can still download this
program, but I don't think its developers are supporting this any
more, and it sometimes does not work at all on Windows 7 or above.

Just my observations, Bob. I am sure others have had different experience.


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