Re: Don't Install iTunes Version 12.1 on Windows


Does this mean that ITunes is no longer accessible? I haven't used it yet,
but was hoping to start.



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According to John Martyn JAWS scripter extraordinaire and A-#1 blindness
accessibility dude (at least in my book) has discovered the new version of
iTunes has had its accessibility hooks either removed or disabled. No MSAA,
no Microsoft Universal Interface (UI) support, all gone. The scripts that
both FS and BlindTunes provide no longer work. John's been peddling uphill
to get even some semblance of accessibility back into his script product.
He's been talking with Glen Gordon from FS and the accessibility group from
Apple, but has no assurance that the access hooks he formerly used to make
BlindTunes work will come back in any future versions. The next scheduled
release of iTunes for Windows is in a month's time, so we'll all just hold
our collective breath until either John can get 12.1 working, or the next
release heralds the return of the accessibility features on which we've come
to rely.

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