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Soronel Haetir

print to file is going to produce the data that would be sent to the
printer, it's not intended for human use at all. It's sort of an old
try at what PDF handles much better (being able to format a document
and know it will come out the same when someone else prints it). But
with print to file it is likely the data will only be of any use to
the particular printer that you selected, unlike PDF.

On 2/5/15, Tom Lange via Jfw <> wrote:
Hi Bill,
I'm not sure if that option is present in all Print dialogs, but it is
available in Word 2010; when you do a ctrl+p and the dialog comes up, tab to

the "print to file" checkbox, hit the spacebar, then activate the Print
button. That's my recollection, anyway. Btw, when I did this recently,
then examined the resulting file, it was not plain text as I expected.

Hope this helps.


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How do I print to a file with JAWS?

Someone talked about this some time ago, but I can't find where that
option is.

Can someone e-mail me the steps?

Thank you.
Bill White

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