Re: Trouble with "say all"

Stan Holdeman

Paul: Say all starts from the present position of the virtual cursor.


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Subject: Trouble with "say all"

I was testing out the "say all" command, and I am confused by the
behavior. Sometimes "say all" only seems to say the current line or
section, when I would expect it to always start from the top of the page.

Test case:

1) start JAWS
2) Start IE 11, and go to
3) Let JAWS read a little bit, and then hit Esc.
4) Hit insert + down arrow (say all). JAWS starts reading from the first
paragraph, skipping the heading.
5) Hold down right arrow long enough to fast forward to the end of the page.
6) Hit insert + down arrow (say all) again. JAWS only reads the last line
of the page.

What does "say all" mean if it "all" doesn't mean the whole page?


Paul Lynch
National Library of Medicine
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