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Dear Joe and All,

I am experiencing the same problems you are as a result of updating to
iTunes 12.1. In addition, as I navigate through the list of artists/albums,
JAWS simply announces "unlabeled," making this task impossible. Based on
these observations and posts found on AppleVis forums, I must say that
iTunes has become unusable with JAWS, at least when it comes to navigating
the iTunes library; I haven't tested the new version with the iTunes store.
What scares me even more, though, is that WindowEyes users are complaining
about the update as well, given that, as you may recall, GW Micro's screen
reader was the first to support iTunes for Windows, and that even after
support was extended to JAWS and NVDA, Apple continued to recommend
WindowEyes for blind users accessing iTunes with a pc.

With that in mind, we JAWS users need to act! As soon as I send this
message, I will call Apple's accessibility line, and I strongly advise you
to do the same. Apple obviously needs to hear from us, and the more
complaints the company gets, the more likely it is to address this issue.
The toll-free phone number for the helpline that serves customers who use
assistive technology is (877) 204-3930.

In the meantime, consider exploring the following options:
1. Fortunately, iTunes 12.1 still works quite well with Nonvisual Desktop
Access (NVDA), a free, open-source screen reader that, at times, is capable
of reading things neither JAWS nor WindowEyes can handle.
2. If you don't want to try NVDA, consider downloading and installing the
BlindTunes JAWS scripts. If you choose to do this, please keep in mind,
however, that these scripts were written for iTunes 11, so they may or may
not continue to work as expected, or at all.
3. Finally, if you don't like either option, ask Apple if they can help you
go back to a previous version of iTunes. They may be able to do this for
you if you can explain your situation to them.

Good Luck!


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Hi all

since update ding I tunes today , now when I move around my albums jaws
doesn't read them, but if I tab about 5 times it will say the name of the
album but not when I am at the start and just curser around.
now my wife says it all looks the same but I have no idea what to do about
so as any one got any ideas?
I have windows 7 jaws 12

thanks in advance Joe
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