Re: Problem with voice profiles jfw 15 win 7 64

david <davidwhitehead1957@...>

1, first download and install the Samantha-voice.

2, now go to jaws/options/voices/add voice profile,

3, use arrow key and choose the voice profile,
now tab make sure you hear, default,
now tab enter on okay.

hope this helps.

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Subject: Problem with voice profiles jfw 15 win 7 64

hello, i have a strange problem with haws , regarding voice profile ,

if i add a mew profile and tap to save as and give it for example the name
samantha and press enter nd press oke to quit the dialog , the voice is
active. if i quit jaws with alt abd f4 , and then restart jaws then the
voice is gone , ? . with regards tomas
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