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david <davidwhitehead1957@...>

hello give this a whirl;

1, open wlm,

2, press ctrl+#2=calendar,

3, you should hear something like,
calendar day view,

4, if you need another date, use the right or left arrow keys,
once you land on a day you wish to create an appointment,
press the applications key,
up arrow enter on new event,
or, you could press ctrl+n=new event,

now you can just use the tab key to cycle through the varius edit fields.

hope this helps.

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Hello List: I am new here so have a simple question. I am using a JAWS 13
version on a Windows 7 computer, and I use Windows Live mail for my E mail
client. I cannot figure out how to use the Calander in that program to put
in reminders and notifications, if that is even possible... any suggestions?
Thanks Larry

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