Re: Jaws won't start automatically in windows 8.1

Hozefa Tambawala

I am using Win 8.1 and JAWS 15 and 16 comes up automatically without
any issues. There is no settings which needs to be done other than
"Automatically Start JAWS" in "Basic Settings".

On 1/29/15, ann via Jfw <> wrote:
I am running Jfw15 with Windows 8.1. Jaws runs fine at the log on and
lock screens, but will not start automatically for either of my
accounts, not my admin or my standard account.

I know about the Automatically start Jaws settings in the Basics dialog,
and have checked them countless times. They are set correctly.

It's not a problem to run it manually, but it is more of a very very
annoying inconvenience. I also notice that neither the latest versions
of NVDA nor Window-Eyes has this problem, and both auto start just fine.

So Does anyone have any suggestions? Could the Windows 8.1 UAC be
interfering somehow?


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