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James Malone

Also, ASUS are good as well. I've had two of them, and all have the numb pad as well.

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I am inclined to agree with you. Most of the better laptops I have seen have been Toshiba's. They are a little bit more expensive but usually contain all the keys you need to function as a JAWS user.

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I'd say get a customized laptops from HP, Dell, Toshiba and others. I have a Toshiba P50 that has numeric keypad which JAWS runs fine on it apart of unreliable authorization issues in the past.

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I also want an application key and a numeric keyboard.
I can only buy the computers online.
But i know that they have numeric keyboard.
The only thing is that the 470 g2 and g1 have larger screens.

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27 jan 2015 kl. 07:50 skrev Feliciano Godoy <>:

Im a dell guy. Check those out in person so that you feel the quality. I also prefer laptops that have a application key, not sure how that important that is for you.

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Recently I bought a desktop computer for my home. (hp prodesk 600)
I've god a laptop too, but I fell that it is time to perhaps throw it away.
I mean, you need Bluetooth, dvd writer etc these Days. My computer
I've got now has none of this.
So when I want to burn a cd/dvd anywhere else than home it is nearly impossible.
I've tried external dvd writer, but this is not good at all.
I'm thinking about Three computers.
hp probook 650, probook 470 g2, prodesk 470 g1.
Are these good?
Also if I've got a larger screen sice, does the keyboard get larger?
I thought that maybe it was easier to write of I take a 70 laptop?
Or do you have any other laptop suggestions?
All these Three come with core i7 processor.
Wich is the

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