Re: c cleaner and Jaws

Jim L

Don't know the answer to that all I can advise is I did do a registry clean
with the latest c cleaner and ended up having issues which after a few
problems did a system restore which am always reluctant to do, still have
version 2.28 installed on my PC and that's working fine with Jaws being able
to speak all check boxes normally, what I want to find out without having to
install all versions of C Cleaner from 2.28 what was the last version that
does exactly the way 2.28 does smoothly speak check boxes, as I don't check
a lot of my boxes only a few and don't really be able to tell what I've
checked or unchecked without doing every individual box on the
windows/application lists



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This reminds me. What exclusions should be added to CCleaner to
prevent the registry cleaner from messing up Jaws or any FS products. I've
already excluded Jaws program files folders but wonder what registry keys
should be excluded.


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