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Iksi hacker

Hello, grate jaws update. But also jaws dosnt read wirtual ribbons on serbian language.
Thanks, and best regards

On 1/26/2015 7:53 PM, Mike B. via Jfw wrote:
Hi All,

Below are direct download links for the latest Jaws 16.0.1925 update &
what's new in this release:

32 Bit:

64 Bit:

The following is a list of improvements made between the JAWS 16 December
2014 release and the January 2015 update.
list of 12 items
• In response to reports from the Veterans Administration as well as other
federal agencies in the United States and Europe, resolved issues with using
JAWS 16 with Microsoft Lync 2010 and 2013.
• Addressed an issue reported by several customers where the virtual buffer
would suddenly appear blank while navigating a Web page in Internet
• Firefox users can now use Contracted Braille input when typing text into
edit fields on Web pages. This is especially beneficial in academic testing
such as Smarter Balance Testing, that only use Firefox as their testing
• Addressed numerous issues that were submitted to Freedom Scientific
through the JAWS Error Reporting feature.
• Resolved an issue with the People Search Research It lookup source not
returning any results.
• A customer reported issues when attempting to modify the voice profile for
the DECTalk USB synthesizer. This has been resolved.
• Addressed issues with the JAWS Command Search not locating certain
commands as expected. For example, Read Speaker's Notes (CTRL+SHIFT+N) in
and List Spelling Errors (ALT+SHIFT+L) in Word.
• A customer reported that if the Table Layer (INSERT+SPACEBAR, T) is
active, pressing CTRL+P to play or stop audio in FSReader was exiting the
layer. Now,
pressing CTRL+P to play and stop audio, as well as CTRL+COMMA and
CTRL+PERIOD to rewind or fast forward, will no longer exit the Table Layer.
• Resolved an issue where JAWS would say "read-only edit" each time the
ARROW keys were pressed to move by character or word in certain types of
edit fields.
• Addressed an issue where Convenient OCR was not working as expected when
JAWS 16 was installed on a system with a Spanish version of OpenBook.
• An issue was resolved where attempting to install a French Canadian update
for JAWS using Check for Updates was not working. French Canadian users can
now use Check for Updates to install the JAWS 16 January update.
• Addressed an issue with the virtual ribbon not being spoken in the Polish
version of Microsoft Office.
list end

Microsoft Excel
list of 1 items
• Addressed an issue with the current cell coordinates not being displayed
correctly in braille Structured Mode when a column or row is hidden.
list end

Microsoft Internet Explorer
list of 3 items
• Resolved an issue where JAWS would become sluggish while typing in the
Search edit field on
• An issue was reported where Internet Explorer would intermittently stop
working unexpectedly on Web pages with JAWS running. This has been
• Resolved an issue with Google Docs searchable menus where JAWS was not
reading newly selected items. This was observed with Internet Explorer 10
and later.
list end

Microsoft Outlook
list of 3 items
• If INSERT+ESC was pressed to refresh the screen while focused in a message
folder in Outlook 2010, resolved an issue where you could no longer move to
items in the message list using standard navigation commands.
• Resolved issues navigating the Phone view of the Contacts list in Outlook
• Resolved an issue where you could not use the ARROW keys to review a link
inserted in the body of a new message.
list end

Microsoft Word
list of 4 items
• Resolved an issue where JAWS was reading cross reference fields in a
document as a series of numbers instead of the actual text of the cross
• Resolved an issue where Word was closing unexpectedly in some instances
when typing in a form field that was moved to using the F11 keystroke.
• Addressed a customer reported issue where JAWS was reading extraneous text
when encountering a citation in Word 2013.
• If Typing Echo is set to Characters, addressed a reported issue with the
HOME and END keys not being announced when pressed.
list end

Mozilla Firefox
list of 2 items
• Improved JAWS performance with tables that use ARIA.
• Addressed an issue with JAWS not always reading ARIA labels on menus.
list end


Intuit’s Quicken team has been working to increase the accessibility of
Quicken 15 for Windows. You will find many improvements in keyboard
and object identification in this latest version. During this process,
Intuit also updated the existing JAWS scripts for Quicken to further
increase functionality.
While these script updates were made for Quicken 15, they should work with
prior versions as well.

These updated scripts offer the following improvements:

list of 3 items
• When focused on the Account list, Bills and Income reminders, or Account
register screens, press CTRL+1 to read the list row data along with headers.
• JAWS now reads the field header and cell value as you move from one field
to another on the Account Register screen.
• Removed the double reading of the cell value on the Account Register
list end

Please note the following limitations:

list of 4 items
• JAWS can only read what is visible on the screen.
• JAWS sometimes reads the next column value for the current cell if the
cell isn't wide enough. This is a limitation - due to small column widths.
• Since the scripts are written based on coordinates, they will not work
correctly if column header values are spanned across rows.
• JAWS is not reading the balance column value on the Account Register
list end

list of 1 items
• Resolved issues with JAWS not always speaking as expected when navigating
around the main window in Skype 7.
list end

list of 1 items
• A customer reported that it was taking approximately 14 seconds for JAWS
to respond after performing a reading command in the main edit window of
X7 in Windows 8.1. This is now resolved.
list end

Take care.
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