Jaws 12 with Dragon Naturallyspeaking 11.5

Robert Logue <bobcat11@...>


Please. What settings below work best with Jaws with and without J-Tools or J-Say?
Jaws 12, DNS Premium 11.5, Win XP MCE.

It would be very good to have comments and information on how each item and choice below effects the basic functionality of Jaws without special scripts. Then, how the same settings effect J-Tools and J-Say.

I don't have J-Tools or J-Say yet. Sometimes I can work the spelling dialog with the Jaws cursor but I have some difficulty knowing when the dialog appears.Also have some trouble with the main standard Dragon toolbar.
There is a "microphone buttonbutton" that doesn't appear to activate, no matter how I do it with spacebar or enter. I do have DNS set to start with the microphone ready to turn on by voice but sometimes I need to use the toolbar or the system tray. Sometimes the system tray microphone button won't activate and doesn't turn on the microphone. It's also a lot of messing around. I could set up DNS hot keys but don't want to conflict with Jaws or the scripts if and when I get them. Suggestions for hotkey combinations also welcome.

Even switching focus to the Dragon bar is a bit confusing because Jaws doesn't say a thing and I always have to press tab once to get to that button.

I've written to the Jaws list first as I don't have the scripts so far. Hope this is ok.


DragonBarPreview: Mode:Docked to TopDocked to BottomFloatingClingTray Icon OnlyShow messagesShow extrasResults BoxAnchor Auto-hide delay:Show preliminary results 10 secondsBeep after recognitionRestore defaultsOK Cancel Apply Help OptionsCorrection "Select" commands bring up Correction menu"Select" commands search backwards"Correct" commands bring up Spelling Window"Spell" commands bring up Spelling WindowAutomatically add words to the active vocabularyAutomatic playback on correctionCorrection MenuShow only the choicesAnchorEnable double-click to correctShow no more than 9 choicesRestore defaultsOK Cancel Apply Help

Nuts! Outlook Expressed removed all the paragraphs when I copied the text from Jarte. So,that may be a bit hard to read.


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