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You need some eyes to finish I went through this the other day

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I have been trying to create a gmail account and am not getting anywhere with it.
I am using Jaws 16, IE 11, windows 7 64 bit.
I went to the create an account link.
I can enter my name, user name, password, no problem.
Then, I have to choose a month from a combo box.
It does not behave normally. I hit enter, and then tried alt left arrow. Also, up and down arrow.
By hit and miss, I can get the month.
No problem with the edit fields for day and year.
The next combo box is for gender.
Again, this is hit and miss.
It actually says, one of three.
I would just try to hit anything there, but that third choice does concern me. <smile>
And, this is where it locks up the screen.
I have tried a couple of times, but it always sticks in this spot, freezes, and I can’t go any farther in the process.
If anyone knows of a work around, or another way to go at this, please let me know.
Trying to get any online help is useless.
Thanks,and frustrated,
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