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Dave Durber


The ability to have JAWS pronounce capital letters at a higher pitch than lower case letters, has always been a feature of JAWS for Windows. As a previous list member pointed out, it was not enabled or set up correctly in your previously installed version of JAWS on your computer.



Dave Durber

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Thanks. My grandson set it up for me. In Jaws 15 I couldn't get the voice I wanted and hearing the pitch difference between caps and LC letters didn't exist. It's a lot easier writing now.

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JAWS has had those features for several versions now. I would guess they were not set up in the past or were changed. I am glad they are working for your grandson now.

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I don't know if this applies to anyone else, but my grandson just
installed jaws 16 on my windows 7 machine last night. He was able to get the "reid"
voice back. An added bonus was all of a sudden the pitch for capital
letters is higher than lower case letters! Don't ask me why these
wonderful advantages suddenly appeared, but they did. Judith

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