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please note that Window Eyes 9.0 is out.
You can download it and try it with Office 2010 and above for free.
They redid most of their Internet acces, and other stuff.


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It would be fairly difficult for narrator to be implemented in such a
way that a complete install would be possible for us. For instance
with the HP computers I have now in order to do a install or reset to
factory I have to use a boot screen menu that is present well before
windows runs at all.

On 1/21/15, Michael Malver via Jfw <> wrote:
I wonder if the issue isn't the screen reader, but how it is implemented.
Put another way, could narrator allow us to install windows, if it were
implemented slightly differently. This would allow us to have the
installation ability that you get with Apple, but at the same time,
Microsoft wouldn't have to commit to a full screen reader.

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You may not want to start a discussion, but posting a link to this
petition inevitably does just that. I worry that if MS came up with
anything close to Apple's VoiceOver, employers would assume basic
accessibility requirements have been met without the added cost of buying
and updating JAWS. As good as VoiceOver may be, and despite our periodic
frustrations with FS, JAWS is exclusively tailored to the needs of
visually impaired computer users. I dread the day MS takes on this job and
elbows FS out.

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Hi all,

I consider this a very important petition, however, I do not wish to start
a discussion on whether or not this will do away with blindness products,
the attempt as such will fail, or any other messages of a similar nature.

Someone started a petition calling on Microsoft to incorporate a real
screen reader into Windows 10.
This should include maintenance and installing capabilities.
The link is here:

Share this with friends and family, on Facebook or Twitter. Anywhere you
feel might give the necessary votes.

Voting is easy, and you do not even need to provide an e-mail address.


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