VOIP - Audio in JAWS tandem sessions

Paul Martz <skewmatrix@...>

Hi all. I've been working with some clients using JAWS tandem recently, and
I'm surprised to find that the tandem feature doesn't appear to have VOIP,
that is, there's no way to exchange audio between the connected computers.
This means, in addition to linking the computers using tandem, we must also
keep an open phone connection, or use some other kind of VOIP solution.

So I've been looking at a free solution called TeamViewer. This does have an
audio option. Unfortunately, TeamViewer appears to be very difficult to use
in JAWS. Once the computers are connected, a control window pops up in the
corner of your desktop, but there is no way to alt-tab in to that window as
far as I can tell. There is an icon to unmute the microphone, but no way to
access it with keyboard shortcuts or JAWS as far as I can tell. Has anyone
successfully used TeamViewer with JAWS?

Another option would by Skype, of course, which I understand is accessible
with a set of JAWS scripts. Is that right?

What are other people doing for VOIP?


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