Re: Jaws with facebook?

Paul Martz <skewmatrix@...>

I'm using JAWS 15 on Win7 with IE 11 and I have always found Facebook to be
difficult to use. In particular, tabbing into text edit fields frequently
fails to enable autoforms mode, and focus is left on another control, which
means that if I hit enter (which I would normally do in a text box to enable
autoforms mode), another control gets activated. Often, the control that
gets activated incorrectly is the button to upload a file, which means that
Internet Explorer puts me in a file open dialog. This incorrect behavior is
really quite frustrating.

I've looked at the FS documentation designed specifically for FB usage, but
I haven't found it to be helpful at all. I've also seen an article about
WAI-ARIA controls in FB, and this article was also not helpful.

I'm currently using FB primarily from an iOS device with VoiceOver. This
works really well, although the capabilities are of course rather limited
compared to the full FB site.

I'll be upgrading to JAWS 16 in a few days, and I'll post back here if I
experience a noticeable improvement.

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