Blue Tooth with Jaws14?



I am running a 64bit computer with windows7 premium, and I am having, it
seems to me, a crazy problem using Blue tooth and Jaws14.

The Blue tooth unit is called Trek Max, some very nice sounding speakers.
I'm not having a problem paring the two but, when I press the link for sound
to come through the trek max, Jaws stops talking.

When Jaws stops talking what ever I chose to listen to is playing through
blue tooth. If I need to do something with Jaws, I need to unload jaws, and
bring it back up and jaws will work.Now the trek masx has its own sound card
that works well with my setup and I went in to the sound card menu in jaws
and put jaws alone on the main sound card.

But, shouldn't I beable to use blue tooth and jaws not drop out? Every now
and then I can't bring Jaws back in to memory, then I have to stop
everything and start over.

I know this email is abit lengthy? I would really appreciate your help.

Thanks to all.


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