Re: youtube, and I am really frustrated


have you tried accessible youtube?

this is what i use all the time.

On 1/4/2015 10:50 AM, Morey Worthington via Jfw wrote:
Hi all.
Using Jaws 16, IE 11, and Win/7HP.
Today I went into google, and typed in (Smothers Brothers..Puma)and smacked Enter. The search results came up with the normal amount of results. I clicked on the first choice and the message came up..."loading"
Then nothing happened.
I then hit the alt/left arrow keys and went back to the search field and typed in (smothers brothers routines) and some of the same results came up and I clicked on another choice and got the same results. Now I am really getting POed.
Any thoughts on how to get this thing working again? I also have recently upgraded the latest version of Silverlight.
Any help really appreciated.
Is it IE 11, Jaws 16 or???
Morey Worthington

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