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I should try NVDA, as I hear it works with it, but when quickly using it
just now, same result with jaws. Window eyes also sucks with it, and jaws
does not work with it. Hahaha, what does eharmony have against blind
squarrels looking for a nut.
I will try the app, maybe. Matthew, can you email me off list to continue
this conversation at kimsansong@...?
Thank you and happy new year.

"Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure,
loyalty and persistence." Colin Powell

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This is an interesting question, as I signed up earlier this year. I tried
Internet Explorer, Firefox, and the Safari browser on the Mac. I also tried as well as the regular site. By far, I had the best luck when
I installed the IOS app and filled out the questions there. With Jaws, I
couldn't proceed very far, except for once I'd finished the exhaustive match
profile questions. Once I did this on the app, I have been usingJaws
successfully with Firefox for best results. Daily, I still use the ap to
move through matches, but when corresponding with them, I will use the
computer to fill out the questions. I have found that once you select your
five introductory questions on the computer, it preselects them, and the app
does as well, even though all of the big list of questions is there. When I
started the service, they had someone there called Val who would go through
different parts of the site and had some experience with Jaws. She would set
up an appointment each week to help out, but maybe she doesn't work there
anymore, as I stopped hearing from her. A call to their service is helpful
if you can find their phone number. Here's the last one I have for them.
1-800-965-7249. In the absence of sighted help, since I didn't want to
involve family in this most private of matters, the staff can go through the
site and your preferences with you. One final note is that when I was
updating my credit card info, it wasn't clear that I was signing up for a
whole year membership, and it charged the year membership when I thought I
was only updating for the monthly charge. I'm sure they would have refunded
the money had I asked, but I'm committed to it for the year.
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