Re: recomendation for backing up or copping a dvd

Dorothy <dorothy.ingram-gorban@...>

I am replying again since it is rather odd I sent a reply from my dellpc
windows 7, but so far it seems to have arrived on the list on this list on
my xp laptop which is going via wireless connection the reply shows up on
the xp but has not arrived yet on the list on this dell with a wiredin
connection and supposed to be fast than old laptop odd are the ways of
computers I am typing this from dell windows 7,so will see when it arrives
on this list. Re the rnib man he did not know jaws but did practical things
and retired to spain a few years ago.

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Subject: recomendation for backing up or copping a dvd

hi, does anyone know of a program that works well with jaws for burning
Preferably free?


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