Re: How do I get rid of the control windows l hot key for languages

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give this a try;

1, insert+f2=run jaws manager.

2, press the letter k=keyboard manager press enter.
note you will land on the default.
3, tab one time your now in a list of default keystrokes,
use the keystroke, ctrl+f=find,
now type the hotkey,
windows key+ctrl key+l
tab once you will hear;
active keystroke check box checked,
tab once more,
now press enter.
you will immediately hear/see your keystroke,
something like, select windows+ctrl+l=language common.

you now can change the keystroke,
you need to press the keystroke,
or you can go through the menu,
using the alt+a, you now arrow to the choice,
Add Keystroke... Ctrl+A
Add Gesture... Ctrl+G
Change Keystroke... Ctrl+H
Remove Keystroke Del
Find Keystroke... Ctrl+F
Find Gesture... Ctrl+Shift+F

obviously once you make the change you will need to okay it.

hope this helps.

the other thing you can do is,
if you still have jaws15 on the computer, just load when your using the

hope this helps.

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Then K for keyboard manager, press enter
Type the letter d until you hear default
Tab to the other pane
Ctrl+F to find a keystroke
Press Ctrl+Windows+L and press enter
you have landed on the key definition.

Delete it or change it to something else.
Exit the Keyboard Manager.

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I am asking this as I use the twitter client the qube and it uses
control windows l so that I can follow peple and now in jaws 16
control windows l brings up a language dialogue and I do not wish to
have this come up is there a way I can disable that hot key?

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